Protects, strengthens
and revitalizes your teeth

With superior European quality, and ingredients of natural origin, such as herbs and essential oils, Zalax offers special care to help:

  • Maintain the health of the gums.
  • Take care and strengthen dental enamel.
  • Fight the bacterial plaque.
  • Remove stains on the teeth.


Find the best product for your teeth.

Zalax Sensitive


Protects and strengthens tooth enamel.

Designed for tooth sensitivity, thanks to its ingredients that reduce hypersensitivity.

Recommended use: Protects teeth and prevents enamel demineralization.

Format: 75 ml 

Zalax Sensitive Gum

Sesitive Gum:

Strengthens and revitalizes your gums thanks to its unique formula.

With 8 plant extracts that help maintain healthy gums.

Recommended use: Dental sensitivity

Format: 75 ml 

Zalax Antiplaque


Fights the bacteria causing the plaque.

With sorbitol and xylitol that helps fight bacterial plaque.

Recommended use: To prevent dental plaque

Format: 75 ml 

Zalax Whitening


Remove the stains and prevent their emergence.

Whitening formula with precious pearl powder.

Recommended use: improves the whiteness of teeth

Format: 75 ml bttle

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Oral Hygiene

An extremely aggressive brushing or using a brush with hard filaments can cause sensitive teeth. Change your toothbrush if it is not soft enough and check the way you are brushing your teeth to recover your oral health.