What are the causes of tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is an issue that affects a great number of people, causing pain and annoyance when they eat or drink their favourite snacks, especially if they are too hot or cold. There are multiple causes for this popular dental problem.

6 causes for tooth sensitivity

The principal cause of tooth sensitivity is normally the weakening of tooth enamel, the external part of the teeth. If it loses its thickness, the underlying layer – the dentine – will be exposed and it will cause pain when eating or drinking.

However, enamel can get weaker because of different reasons, provoking tooth sensitivity. These are the 6 most common causes.

1.     Brushing your teeth too frequently

Brushing your teeth more than necessary can harm the gum tissue and, as consequence, make more vulnerable the inner part of the teeth.

2.     Brushing your teeth vigorously

Brushing your teeth with great vigour can cause gingivitis or periodontitis, diseases that normally can provoke tooth hypersensitivity.  

3.     Grinding your teeth

Those people who, for some reason, grind their teeth during the day or overnight while they are sleeping, can suffer some of the symptoms of tooth sensitivity, since tooth enamel gradually weakens.


4.     Drinking acid beverages

The frequent consumption of acid substances causes tooth sensitivity, since they impact negatively on the enamel, weakening it and leaving dentine exposed.

5.     Using an abrasive tooth paste

Brushing your teeth with a tooth paste that contains abrasive components can be very harmful for oral health, being one of the main causes of tooth sensitivity that erode enamel the most and weaken the dental crown structure.

6.     Dental treatments

During a deep cleaning they can be used whitening components that can provoke tooth hypersensitivity. This is due to the use of abrasive liquids that can erode enamel and gums.

It is highly recommendable to visit your dentist if any of the symptoms of tooth sensibility appears after a deep teeth cleaning.

Where can you buy products to avoid tooth sensitivity?

If you want to buy a product of quality that helps you to prevent tooth sensitivity, in Pharmex we have developed the toothpaste Zalax Dientes Sensibles, especially designed to this common dental problem.

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