Pharmex Advance Laboratories SL (former Laboratorios Pérez Giménez) is a pharmaceutical company located at Alcobendas (Madrid) with the industrial plant at Almodóvar del Rio (Córdoba). The company is a subsidiary from Pharmex, SA, of swiss origin.

In 2018, the company started its activity in the Spanish market where it wants to guarantee access to medicines with the highest quality standards, thanks to products specially designed for all the family, which can differ from over-the-counter products like the popular Calmante Vitaminado to indispensable products for any first-aid kit and baby care products.

Our mission:

To offer the best solutions for healthcare, personal care and baby care to our clients and customers.

Our vision:

To keep developing and diversifying different business lines to offer the best service to our clients and customers and remain as one of the main health providers inside the pharmaceutical market.

Our values:


We are proactive and compromised with our purposes. We will always fulfil our promises.


We are diverse and humble. We love difference.


We are passionate about the excellence. We put our hearts into reaching the highest standards.


We are fast and efficient. We are ready for the change.


We are creative by definition. We always provide innovative solutions.

Always close, in Pharmex we want you to feel us like that, next to the pharmacies and our clients. With the same trust as always and the quality and innovation of a laboratory focused in offering the best solutions.

Our company is focused in guaranteeing access to medicines with the highest standards, based on the Knowhow of our staff and the vision and the dynamism of all our team.

To know more about us, visit our web page in Pharmex:

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